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FG set to implement new tobacco tax regime, as Nigeria launches Vision one of NTCD initiative


The Federal Ministry of Health has launched Version One of the Nigeria Tobacco Control Data Initiative (TCDI), a virtual (web-based) dashboard to provide information on tobacco prevalence and other parameters in the country, also it’s implementing a new three year tobacco tax regime, beginning from June 2022, to terminate in 2014

The minister of state for Health, Senator Oloruninmbe Mamora stated this as Nigeria marks the 2022 World No Tabacco Day in Abuja.

According to him,the new regime increases the Ad-Valorem tax rate from 20% to 30%, In addition to the 30% ad-valorem, a specific excise rate has been increased from ₦58 to ₦84 per pack of 20 sticks of cigarette, and this will further be increased to ₦94 per pack in 2023.

The Tax also stipulates ₦104 per pack in 2024.

Shisha is also now being taxed at the rate of ₦3,000 per litre and ₦1,000 per kilogram and this will be increased yearly by ₦500.

According to the health minister, this pro health tax is an effective public health control measure against behavioural risk
factors as it has the capacity to reduce demand and consumption of tobacco products.

He said it will also prompts tobacco users to switch expending their resources on tobacco products to healthy alternatives such as education, health, and nutrition.

In his goodwill message, WHO Country Rep, Dr Walter Mulombo, commended tobacco control advocates for defending the flag of the country through different initiatives to combat tobacco use.

According to Mulombo, saying ‘no’ to tobacco is saying ‘yes’ to life.

“Let us save lives around us by making them aware of the threats tobacco poses to all of us.”

According to NATOCC’s Executive Director, Mr Akinbode Oluwafemi, there is the need to get Tobacco Industry players to be accountable for the harm they cause to the environment and the people.

Oluwafemi reiterated that Tobacco threatened more than just the health of its users.

According to him, “let’s not allow tobacco to turn our happiness into ashes. Let’s be a part of the solution not part of the pollution”.

Gracing the event is an award presentation by WHO, to Mrs Margaret Julius, for her advocacy work on ‘No Tobacco in Nigeria’, in collaboration with the Nigerian Police, among others.

The theme of this year World No Tabacco Day Is “Tobacco A Threat To Our Environment” which is designed to highlight the negative impacts of tobacco usage on human health.

Tobacco damages the environment by contributing grossly to global warming.

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