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Sanwo-olu, Bello, Abiodun Visit Aso Rock to Congratulate President Tinubu On Supreme Court Victory


Lagos State Governor, Babajide Sanwoolu, Dapo Abiodun of Ogun, and Yahaya Bello of Kogi State Governor, have visited the Presidential Villa to congratulate President Bola Tinubu on the victory at the Supreme Court, which delivered its verdict in favour of the All Progressives Congress (APC) and the President.

The governors who spoke in Abuja after the meeting with President Tinubu, said the APC members across Nigeria and the President worked very hard for the victory earned in the February 25th presidential poll.

They noted that the Supreme Court’s decision in favour of the President is comforting and also an affirmation of the will of over eight million Nigerians who filed out to cast their ballots for the APC and President Bola Tinubu as their choice.

While also congratulating the Independent National Electoral Commission for a job well done, they called on the opposition party to support the government’s renewed hope agenda to further contribute to the success of Nigeria.

“The supreme court verdict is historic, t is a beauty of democracy it’s a beauty of the power of inclusiveness in governance.

“That tells us that whatever might have been the differences let us put it behind us, it is a victory for all. I am sure the President must have alluded to that what we need to now have is clear governance.

“We must have a clear direction on how to get all hands on deck to get the economy of Nigeria on track ,let us put whatever differences, political or otherwise and let us rally round this administration for the benefit of Nigerians because at the end of the day.

“We all want food on our table, we all want good roads , the food is not for a particular party, the road is not for a particular party it is for all Nigerians and that should be our concept going forward”, Sanwoolu said.

“This decision of today of the erudite jurists has further enriched our jurisprudence and it is crystal clear to all Nigerians that our President won this election free and fair

“I also congratulate INEC for a job well done, it couldn’t have been better than this at this time, even though there are areas of improvement, but I congratulate them for taking their time painstakingly to do a good job that has affirmed today by the highest court in the land.

“We’re praying for Mr President to succeed so that he can deliver the dividends of democracy to all Nigerians and Nigeria on the path of the Renewed Hope that he promised us earlier”, Bello said.

“The Supreme Court, the final court, that is the bastion of hope for the common man, today affirmed the ruling of the Appeal Court and that puts to rest all the shenanigans and all the rumours and all the different stories and speculations in the media.

“Our opponents can now go to sleep or they can now congratulate our President and if they actually did mean well for our country, you aspired to an office with the belief that you can offer the country the representation that it deserves, but it must not be a do-or-die.

“Our President can now be focused on the task of governance, all the distractions are behind him, he has a lot of work to do. Furthermore and more importantly, by this judgement, the Supreme Court has also put to rest a lot of issues that will now become precedents in law”, Abiodun stated.

Leading the delegation of governors to rejoice with President Bola Tinubu was the National Chairman of the All progressives congress, Abdullahi Ganduje.

Also in attendance was the governor of Nasarawa state, Abdullahi Sule, Chief of Staff to the President, Femi Gbajabiamila, Minister of FCT, Nyesom Wike among others

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